November 8-10, 2023  •  Lumen Field Event Center  •  Seattle, WA

Young Fishermen at Pacific Marine Expo

Commercial fishing is a profession. And like most professions, there is a career path. Unfortunately, that career path may not be as easy to follow or as well marked as many others.

While there are a host of dedicated schools and training programs for many careers, for commercial fishing it can often feel like you’re out at sea, all on your own, with just the stars and your own wits to help you get home.

That’s why the Pacific Marine Expo and National Fisherman Magazine are now publishing a 10-part guide to help you navigate the choppy waters of moving from entry-level deckhand to commercial-fishing boat owner, moving through the many topics you’ll need to understand, and tasks you’ll need to accomplish, before you can captain your own vessel.

Additionally this year don’t miss the Young Fisherman Program with a great lineup of sessions custom- tailored to the next generation of fisherman coming up on the water.

The Young Fisherman Program takes place in the National Fisherman Booth directly on the show floor across all three days of Expo.

Check out the Table of Contents and download the full e-Book below.

  • Part 1 – The Business Plan
  • Part 2 – Licensing and Permitting
  • Part 3 – Getting the Loan
  • Part 4 – Picking Your Vessel
  • Part 5 – Outfitting Your Vessel
  • Part 6 – Meeting your Safety Obligations
  • Part 7 – Employing Deckhands and Other Crew Members
  • Part 8 – Insurance
  • Part 9 – Your Business Partners
  • Part 10 – Your Exit Strategy
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