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Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Work with our team to select the perfect sponsorship or advertising opportunity to support your exhibit at Pacific Marine Expo. 

Marketing you presence at the Show is a crucial element of a successful exhibit. Our expert sales team can help you identify the perfect opportunity that drives results. 

Looking to make a big impact? Bundle together two or more opportunities for special discounted pricing. Talk to a sales rep for more details. 

2024 Pacific Marine Expo Sponsorship & Advertising 

BRAND NEW Coastal Challenge Opportunities

The annual Fisherman of the Year event is getting a facelift. Now called the Coastal Challenge, this head-to-head competition is designed for crews to show off their skills and teamwork! Teams of 3 will compete in the newly designed National Fisherman Arena for the title of Coastal Challenge Champions. The competition will consist of four skills stations: knot tying, net mending, rope splicing, and the survival suit challenge. Qualifying rounds will be held on days 1 and 2 – the winning crew of each day will face off in the grand finale on day 3. The grand prize is $2,000 cash plus a sponsored merchandise & gear bucket. 
This revamped special event comes with a plethora of high visibility sponsorship opportunities designed to put your products front and center. The Coastal Challenge will be marketed to prospective attendees, registered attendees, pushed out on social media, and have a huge presence onsite at the Expo. Check out the opportunities below and lock one in early to take advantage of all the marketing benefits.  

*SOLD* National Fisherman Arena ……………………………………………………………………………………. $6,315
(Exclusive Opportunity)

Be the exclusive sponsor of the newly designed National Fisherman Arena where the Coastal Challenge will take place. Complete with a commentary desk, live scoreboard, and bleachers, this is where show goers will flock to watch competing teams duke it for the title of Coastal Challenge Champs. 
  • Exclusive sponsor of the arena, your branding will be included in all pre-show marketing and promotions for the National Fisherman Arena and the Coastal Challenge.
  • Inclusion in all onsite branding and signage for the National Fisherman Arena and the Coastal Challenge.
  • Ability for a delegate from your company to be one of the commentators during the challenge. Pending team approval. 
  • Ability to host onsite sign ups in your booth on the Expo floor. 

 Skills Station Sponsor ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. $1,580
(Limited Opportunities)

Want to get your product front and center in the hands of commercial fishermen? Sponsor one of the skills challenges to do just that. If you sell rope, nets, or survival suits this sponsorship is for you! Be the exclusive sponsor of one of our four skills stations and provide your product to be used in the competition.

  • Inclusion in all pre-show marketing and promotions related to the Coastal Challenge as an official skills station sponsor. 
  • Your branding will be included on the station within the arena for all spectators to see. 
  • Your product will be used in the skills challenge and mentioned by the commentators. 
  • Inclusion in onsite signage for the Coastal Challenge. 


Grand Prize Merchandise & Gear Bucket Sponsor ………………………………………………………………………. $1,580
(Limited Opportunities)

Do you sell gear, apparel, or produce branded merchandise? If so this is the perfect opportunity to align your brand with the biggest special event at Pacific Marine Expo. National Fisherman will be supplying $2,000 cash to the winners of the Coastal Challenge but we are looking for exhibitors who want to sweeten the pot! 

  • Inclusion in all pre-show marketing and promotions related to the Coastal Challenge as an official grand prize sponsor. 
  • Ability to provide gear, apparel, or merchandise to be included in the grand prize.
  • Your donated product will be used in marketing to help encourage sign ups, this includes outbound emails to our over 30,000 contacts and social coverage to our very engaged audience. Your product will also be mentioned by the commentators during the event. 
  • Inclusion in onsite signage for the Coastal Challenge. 

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Opportunities your can take advantage of all marketing season long! 

  • Attendee Prospecting Email Banner $525

    Attendee emails are sent to prospective visitors on a weekly basis. This low cost, high-visibility marketing opportunity aligns your brand with official Pacific Marine Expo communications and is a great way to grab the attention of buyers. Your banner ad, with click through link, will be placed in the body of an attendee prospecting email sent out to more than 30,000 industry contacts.

  • Attendee Prospecting Email Exhibitor Highlight $790

    Want a little more real-estate than a banner ad? An Exhibitor Highlight is the perfect way to get company news, product announcements, or show specials in front of prospective attendees. Provide us with the copy or work with a member of our team to put together the perfect message. Your highlight will be included in one attendee prospecting email emailed to the entire Pacific Marine Expo audience.

    In addition to your message your highlight will include:
    - Your Company Logo
    - Link to your full company listing
    - Your booth number linked to the live floorplan
    - Link to your company website

    To ensure the highest level of engagement only one exhibitor highlight will be sold per attendee prospecting email. Send dates are available on a first-come first-served basis. Secure this opportunity early for the best send date selection.

  • Exhibitor Highlight Cross-Platform Social Post $790

    Sponsored cross-platform social posts are a great way to drive people to your own social pages, announce new products, advertise special show deals and more. Posted on Instagram, Facebook, this low cost, high-impact opportunity will help elevate your exhibit leading up to the show.

Custom Blast Emails 

Have a message you want in front of pre-registered Pacific Marine Expo attendees? Direct email marketing with a custom blast email is the perfect solution.
Custom blast emails to Pacific Marine Expo attendees are only available to contracted exhibitors. Inventory is very limited to ensure the highest rate of engagement and sold on a first come first served basis.
Contact a member of our team today to reserve a send date.
Blast Email Tiered Pricing
5-6 weeks out from the Show: $3,480
3-4 weeks out from the Show: $4,650
1-2 weeks out from the Show: $5,810

Looking for more traditional advertising opportunities?

National Fisherman is the official publication partner and sister brand to Pacific Marine Expo. Download the National Fisherman Media Kit and talk to your sales rep about a custom advertising package to help promote your exhibit! 

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