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We at Grundéns have rich heritage supplying and supporting commercial fisheries around the world dating back to 1926, and with the current headwinds we are all facing regarding COVID 19, now is as important time as ever to reflect our commitment to the global fishing community and those that have helped feed us in the past, present, and will be in the future. We’re honored to be one of the most trusted brands in fishing providing gear to professional fisherman and anglers around the world, and right now we’re all challenged in finding ways to keep feeding our passion for fishing. As of recent, recreational fishing has been put in an untenable position but this is only temporary, and we’re here to remind you that WE WILL FISH AGAIN. Supporting the industry where it’s needed most is a great place to start taking action and we urge you to review the below ideas on what you can do to help.

Protecting our oceans lies at the nucleus of importance for the entire global fishing community and we greatly respect the way organizations like the Surfrider Foundation are providing critical support and awareness around this resource that’s essential to all of us. Given the current COVID 19 environment, offering support in a safe manner has its limitations however Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Restaurants program provides a great option to take a break from cooking at home by ordering take-out while limiting your amount of plastic waste. This kind of support not only helps maintain fishing communities around the country but also helps reduce the impact on the environment.

With your help we can strive to maintain thriving fishing communities throughout the country by purchasing seafood from the wide variety of regionally based Community Supported Fisheries(CSF’s) and by contributing to the Saving Seafood association to help drive this incredibly important message. CSF’s aim to promote a positive relationship between fishermen, consumers, and the ocean by providing high-quality, locally caught seafood. You’ll reap all the great benefits you associate with farmers’ markets but with seafood, and you’ll get better, fresher products by eating what’s sourced locally and in season and available. We’re proud to help support Saving Seafood and CSF’s throughout the country to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible. Below are basic guidelines to help you with your next fresh seafood purchase.

Where and how can you buy?

Visit Local Catch to get simple information on how to buy direct from fisherman and utilize their Seafood finder to access nearly 500 options across the US.

Recommendations by region

West Coast
Real Good Fish partners with California fishermen to deliver a local species each week throughout the state. The CSF prioritizes transparency, pairing each delivery with information for where the fish was caught and who caught it. Bear Flag Fish Co represents another great option out of Southern California. In the Pacific Northwest, Pike Place Fish Market offers fresh sustainable seafood through world famous customer service downtown Seattle and nationwide, and Drifters Fish delivers fresh, smoked, and frozen wild Copper River salmon across the greater Seattle area. Silver Wave Seafood Co offers a great additional option out of Southeast Alaska, and Port Orford Sustainable Seafood sends wild, line-caught seafood like albacore and Pacific halibut from local fisherman throughout western Oregon.

You might think finding responsibly harvested seafood in the landlocked Midwest would prove to be challenging, but Sitka Salmon Shares will home deliver wild-caught Alaskan seafood from small-boat fisherman directly to your door in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis metro areas, as well as some areas in Central Illinois. They also ship via FedEx to all other cities in the lower 48. Additionally, Kvichak Fish Co ships sushi-grade sockeye salmon to Montana and Wisconsin from Graveyard Point, Alaska.

East Coast
In addition to keeping the Midwest stocked with sustainable salmon, Kvichak Fish Co ships to spots in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well. Mermaid’s Garden in Brooklyn offers a weekly fish share with fully traceable seafood from Long Island and New England, and up in Vermont, Honeywilya Fish runs a CSF fish share delivering hook-and-line caught wild Alaskan salmon like Coho and Ivory King to six counties. NH Community Seafood provides a wide variety of fresh locally caught seafood in New Hampshire and Cranberry Isles Fisherman’s Co-op offers fresh sustainable lobster out of Maine.

The South
In North Carolina, the Walking Fish CSF provides locally caught seafood like sea mullet and trigger fish to the Raleigh Durham area. CSFs in this region are more limited, but utilizing Local Catch’s Seafood finder will help ensure you get what you need.

We greatly appreciate your time, support, and consideration. Our thoughts are with you, the global community, and all the fisherman and anglers that are being impacted by this pandemic. Stay safe, stay healthy, and be good to each other. #wearefishing

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