Why Exhibit

Buyers from Alaska to California come to Pacific Marine Expo looking for everything they need, from bow to stern, for the most important component of their business, the boat. They want the opportunity to source products and services- just like yours - all in one place. This is your best opportunity of the year to reach new segments of the maritime industry and grow your business.

"If you are in the marine industry, you should be here."
- Fred Fink, Lunde Marine Electronics

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Buyers represent every facet of the commercial marine industry, including:

  • Commercial vessel owners and operators
  • Passenger vessel owners and operators
  • Charter boat owners and operators
  • Shipyards, commercial boatbuilders and recreational boatbuilders
  • Commercial fishermen
  • Seafood processors
  • Engineers and architects
  • Captains, operators and owners of pleasure yachts
  • Equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Port authorities and port engineers
  • Harbormasters
  • Marina operators
  • Marine surveyors
  • Military buyers and government officials
  • Others affiliated with the marine industry

"The people that are here are professional mariners who are serious and knowledgeable. We are getting a lot of interest and qualified leads. This is the right crowd for us." – Jim Bower, Barbary Cove Yachts

Buyer Stats

  • 8 of every 10 people that attend PME find new products that are right for their business
  • 70% of visitors purchase for their business as a result of PME
  • 78% think finding new products at the show the most important reason to attend
  • 86% found new products
  • 85% are involved or influence purchasing decisions
  • 93% plan on returning in 2014

Download the 2014 Space Application here.

"People who attend this Show are here to buy.  We're picking up orders and sales.   The Expo has been great this year for our company."
– Jeremy McWhirter, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric

Past Exhibitors Said:

"At this year's Show, we are 50% up over last year and expect next year to be even better.  The Show is a tremendous sales and networking opportunity for us." – Kevin McCaffrey, Driveline

"This year has been an excellent Show for us.  We're writing new orders and seeing commitments for purchases next year from fishermen and commercial marine operators.  If you are in the marine industry, you should be here."  - Fred Fink, Lunde Marine Electronics

"We've got a pocketful of money already!  The people that are here are, are the people we want to see.  The 2010 Show was very positive, with strong attendance." – David Rowland, Klassen Engine

"This has been our best show ever.  The first day, we wrote more business than the past 20 years combined.  The Show does a great job of bringing in the right people."  Greg Sangster, Integrated Maine Systems

"This Show attracts the serious buyer and is the place to generate leads and network with customers.  Foot traffic was strong every day." – Will Murphy, Alfa Tec

"2010 has been the best Show ever for us.  The people that are here are serious about building boats.  We've sold a couple of projects and have generated some strong interest for next year." – Matthew Nichols, Nichols Brothers Boat Builders

"We're totally sold out of our products – the response has been that overwhelming.  We have a bigger booth than last year and we'll need to get bigger next year." – Riley Combs, Bogs Footwear

"We're getting really solid leads that will come to actual projects for us in 2011.  This year's Expo has brought in a lot of serious customers, not just the tire kickers.  People here are willing to spend money.  We're also able to see a lot of our vendors and suppliers at this show.  Finally, the timing of the Show is perfect – it takes place when the checks are coming in!" – Scott Beardsly, Alaska Ship and Drydock

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