November 8-10, 2023  •  Lumen Field Event Center  •  Seattle, WA

Agenda Session

DOCKSIDE CHAT: Planning Your Next Large Purchase that Needs Financing

Nov 08 2023

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM PST

NF Wheelhouse Booth #150

The fishing industry is the backbone of nearly all coastal communities in the United States, but the challenges they’re dealing with are both novel and formidable. Everything from permitting issues to the woes of old gear to budget gaps on account of market prices is keeping many from moving forward. Where can this industry turn to in order to find the support they need?

 A proud Pacific Northwest bank, First Fed is helping fishermen understand the different kinds of loans they are qualified for and can represent a path forward. First Fed can lend a hand to individuals who have been in the commercial fishing industry or are just starting out. That capability stems from their expertise as much as experience that has been specifically tailored to commercial fishermen.  

First Fed’s focus on developing relationships with the individuals that make up this community is second to none. Few other lending institutions feature a team that understands the need to expand and support fishing operations. That understanding has allowed First Fed to explore avenues that are best suited to a variety of lifestyles and investments within this industry. First Feds’ focus on small business owners and owner-operators has allowed them to connect with fishermen who need a level of service and industry expertise from a banker who truly understands the ins and outs of this industry. 

Join First Fed representatives as they share valuable insight into how to best prepare for and approach your next large commercial fishing purchase.

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