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Agenda Session

DOCKSIDE CHAT: Money for Fishing: Selling Direct, Grant Applications and More

Nov 08 2023

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PST

NF Wheelhouse Booth #150

Dockside Sessions are to the perfect place for you to sit in on an educational session surrounding a specific topic while giving you more direct access to the presenter to ask specific questions and get more small group tailored discussion.

Over the past few years, fishermen have had to change so many different things about how they do business, but these changes have shed light on opportunities that always existed and have been newly created. 

When the pandemic hit, fishermen were not able to sell their catch to wholesalers, which compelled some to begin selling direct to the consumer. What did it look like to make this shift to sell direct to consumer and/or at a fish farmer's market? Meanwhile, grants like the Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant have been around for decades, helps fishing communities optimize economic benefits. What does it mean to apply for and receive this type of funding? These questions and more will answered along with issues related to…

• the biggest challenges and opportunities related to selling directly to restaurants

• how have some fishermen been able to drive interest through their marketing or social efforts

• what sort of grants are specifically available to fishermen

• how much of a process is it to apply for grants and how likely applicants are to receive funding

Fishermen who attend this session will gain insights related to what it means for them to do and stay in business as markets, industries and entire sectors shift and evolve. Attendees will learn how direct marketing can take your business to the next level.


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