November 20-22, 2024  •  Lumen Field Event Center  •  Seattle, WA

Agenda Session

Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation presents Alaska Symphony of Seafood

Nov 09 2023

3:30 PM - 4:15 PM PST

Main Stage

AFDF is celebrating the 30th year of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, an annual competition for commercial-ready, value‐added products made with Alaska seafood. The Symphony is an exciting platform that supports companies investmenting in product development. The initiative helps promotion of new products and competitively positions Alaska Seafood in national and global markets. Product development is critically important to the entire Alaska seafood industry and the fishing communities that depend on it. 

For companies considering development of a new product, the panel will also walk through the considerations and steps required and offer resources to help support product development efforts. Attend to learn more about:

  • First place winners of the 2024 Alaska Symphony of Seafood!
  • How previous participants have leveraged the Symphony platform and continue to see increased sales and market exposure of their new products.
  • Strategies for product development and commercialization with support from AFDF’s Startup Accelerator. How to take an idea for a new product and turn it into a commercial-ready product. 


Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation

- Executive Administrator

Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation

- Accelerator Analyst

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