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Complete Solutions for Deck Machinery

Naust Marine USA, Inc.


Complete Solutions for Deck Machinery

Naust Marine Provides Complete Winch Solutions
Proven – Durable – Reliable – Cost Effective – Efficient – Safe

Since 1993, Naust Marine has provided custom winch and power management solutions in nearly 200 vessels worldwide. We are committed to designing, manufacturing, and supporting state-of-the-art precision products built to last. Naust Marine’s proven electrical solutions enable winch operations in even the harshest of environments to be executed with ease. Our systems provide peace of mind, safety, and value to the operation and in return, key time, and money savings.

Whether it be commercial fishing, crabbing or other, aquaculture, towing, research, rescue, defense, passenger transport, craning or any other industrial lifting and pulling winch needs, our goal is to provide the best possible complete solution for our customers. With an array of smart competitive products: Electrical Winches, Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) control system, AutoGen Power Management System, Electrical Spooling Gear (ESG), and other deck machinery and electrical needs, Naust Marine has the solution.

A growing number of vessel owners, captains, and other industry winch professionals are seeking quality solutions that maximize their return on investment in the varying environments they operate. Naust Marine focuses on this as the top priority and aims to be a leading supplier of innovative, complete, and custom electrical solutions by providing a work team comprised of engineers, vessel captains, manufacturers, mechanics, electricians, and professional veterans committed to the industry.

For information on our current projects and announcements make sure to check out the News section on our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. To view our products, have questions, or would like a quotation, please check out our website or contact us today! Naust Marine USA, Inc. Brittany Tassano, Regional Manager [email protected] (206) 370-4364

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