Nov 18-20, 2015 | Seattle, WA

New Products

Take an exclusive look at the hottest new products and services exhibitors will feature at the Pacific Marine Expo.

Lubricant TreatmentBestLine Lubricants
Booth 1224

Heavy Duty Lubricant Treatment Group
BestLine’s Lubricant made from the most advanced Group III and IV base oil products used in the most technically demanding lubrication applications on your vessel, including your Engine, Diesel Fuel, Gearboxes and Hydraulic Systems to maximize performance and fuel economy.

Eskimo CupDometic Marine
Booth 1004

Eskimo Cup
Imagine if your last sip was even colder than your first on a hot day at sea. The Eskimo Cup makes that happen. This marine-tough open-top thermoelectric cup holder mounts flush and has 2 blue LED interior lights. Install in any convenient location such as helm or seating area. Fits cans & bottles.


Titan ChillerDometic Marine
Booth 1004

Titan Chiller
Corrosion ultimately destroys marine chillers using industry-standard cupronickel in the condenser coils. After years of research & testing, Dometic developed a pat-pend method that allows the condenser’s tubes to be made of titanium–a metal impervious to corrosion–for much longer service life.


NavitabNautisk Forlag USA Inc
Booth 2600

NaviTab puts hundreds of nautical books on a sturdy, easy to use tablet. Keyword search across your entire library in seconds. Write notes, underline, highlight – and search your annotations. Dock NaviTab for instant, automatic updates. NaviTab slashes shipping costs and keeps you safe & compliant.

Boat Operator Safety SuitOcean Rodeo Marine Safety & Survival
Booth 1050

Boat Operator Safety Suit (BOSS)
Easily convertible from foul weather gear to full drysuit the BOSS is an entirely new concept in open cockpit Boat Operator Safety Suits. Now in use by the Canadian Coast Guard & Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue!



Insulated ToteRPC Promens
Booth 826

70L Insulated Tote
Introducing to North America a 70L insulated tote with lid. Extend the shelf life of your catch by utilizing On Board Insulated Totes from Promens/RPC-Saeplast. Visit us at Booth #826 to discuss our show specials.

Halo RadarSimrad – Navico
Booth 1533

Halo™ Radar
Combining the best characteristics of our traditional pulse and 4G broadband radar systems, Simrad Halo™ Radar uses Pulse Compression technology to deliver an unprecedented mix of close and long range detection, precise target definition, and low clutter.

Arctic Suit
White Glacier
Booth 2603

Arctic 25
Introducing the world’s first hypothermia protective suit that meets and exceeds all immersion suit standards. Provides 25 hours of protection — more than four times maritime standards. Fully donned in less than 60 seconds. 10 meter jump resistance. 4 seconds of fire protection. White Glacier.

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