November 16-18, 2017 | Seattle, WA

Education Schedule

Check out the 2016 Education Schedule Below.

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Pacific Marine Expo offers education sessions on marine safety, business management, regulatory issues and technical advancements, and more. Attend the sessions to get up to speed on the topics that matter most to you, curated by the National Fisherman and WorkBoat editorial teams.

17 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
19 Nov 2016

The Importance of Bait

“The Importance of Bait” will explore the history of bait since the 1980’s for the different fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. It will discuss the most important factors when selecting...
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Sell Your Catch! Direct marketing at its Finest

For inspiration on selling your own, catch Cynthia Wallesz as she shares her 17 years direct marketing know how. Topics include getting legal, quality, logistics, marketing, and is this whole...
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Cynthia Wallesz

Looking Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: Commercial Fishing Safety Updates from NIOSH

Fatality rates among commercial fishermen in the United States have been dropping for the past 15 years. Improvements in emergency response, safety training, and fisheries management have resulted in reducing...
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Ted Teske
Laura Syron
Samantha Case

Getting Your Maritime Connectivity Strategy Right – Challenges and Best Practices

In an increasingly competitive world, commercial fleets require a communications strategy that satisfies multiple stakeholders, offers affordable broadband connections, and prepares your business for the future. Learn about the challenges...
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Steve Griffin

Salmon Habitat Conservation

Alaska is the worlds largest producer of wild salmon.  Thousands of fishermen, fishing families and communities depend on Alaska’s runs for our livelihoods.  Commercial fishermen are on the forefront when...
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Aurah Landau
Charlie Treinen

Crew Duties for At-Sea Emergencies

Man overboard, fire, sinking, capsize, abandon ship, injury, illness, engine failure, ruined mast or sails, popped tubes on an inflatable, getting lost, drifting across an ocean to the other side…...
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Rick Petersen

Keynote: Bob Desautel

Fishing into the Future Join Bob Desautel as he discusses the future of commercial fishing; modernity, efficiency, safety and sustainability.
Bob Desautel

Alaska Seafood Marketing Town Hall

Join the discussion on Alaska Seafood market economics and promotions in the global marketplace.  Learn, share, and take the opportunity to ask questions at this meeting of fishermen and fish...
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Andy Wink
Alexa Tonkovich

Electronic Monitoring: Using Technology to Make Fisheries Management More Efficient and Cost Effective

Join NOAA Fisheries scientists and managers to discuss the 2017 plans for moving forward with integrating electronic monitoring technologies in Alaska, the progress made to-date, and how these efforts fits...
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George Lapointe
Eileen Sobeck
Chris Rilling

Opportunities for Federal Shipyards Grants

Discussion of program basics, eligibility, the current status of the program, future outlook, and what shipyard owners/managers and manufacturers need to know to take advantage of grant opportunities for new...
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Dave Matsuda

Extinguish the Fire – Save The Crew And The Assets

Joseph Kuesis
Fred Mattera
David Olds

Relative Risk in the Marine Industry – What is this changing risk picture and how to reduce it

Everyone and every company has their own threshold of acceptable risk. Our personal thresholds can be influenced by those around us as well as our operating environment.  Understanding the various...
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Noah Jarrett
Lori Crews

Fishing Vessel Enhanced Oversight Program

Receive the latest information and ask questions regarding proposed commercial fishing safety regulations.  Development of the Alternate Safety Compliance program has changed course and is now know as the Enhanced...
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Chris Woodley
David Belliveau

Climate Change and Alaska’s Fisheries

Big changes are coming to Northwest and Alaska fisheries as atmosphere and ocean climates continue to warm. A recent University of Alaska report to the industry explains what is occurring,...
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Terry Johnson

Emerging AIS Applications Saving Lives and Improving Efficiency

As of 1 March 2016 Coast Guard regulations requiring all commercial vessels over 65′ in length to be equipped with AIS (Automatic Identification System), including fishing vessels, and in some...
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Justin Heeley
Ed Page

A Farm for Every Fisherman – Diversifying Your Fishing Business through Mariculture

Many commonalities exist between the commercial fishing industry and the mariculture industry (growing and harvesting shellfish and seaweeds).  Many successful commercial fishing businesses already diversify their businesses by harvesting multiple...
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Tomi Marsh
Mark Scheer
Julie Decker

Marketing Seafood to the Next Generation

The future of the seafood industry lies in the preferences of younger food consumers. Millennials are no longer a rising generation: the older cohort of this generation has reached their...
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Nelly Hand
Matt Abboussie
Marsh Skeele
Claire Neaton
Becky Martello
Kate Consenstein

Increasing Opportunity for Fisherman with Innovative Propulsion System Design

Every commercial fishing operation relies on their boat’s engines to make their catch, and your engines can have a big impact on your operation’s day-to-day capabilities.  New developments in engine...
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Paul Jamer
Mike Vining
Rich Murdy
Brian Fariello
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