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Wednesday, November 20

kevin bailey - book cover11:00 am: Kevin M. Bailey
"Billion-Dollar Fish - the Untold Story of Alaska Pollock"

Kevin M. Bailey combines his years of firsthand pollock research with a remarkable talent for storytelling to offer the first natural history of Alaska pollock. Crucial to understanding the pollock fishery, he shows, is recognizing what aspects of its natural history make pollock so very desirable to fish, while at the same time making it resilient, yet highly vulnerable to overfishing. Bailey delves into the science, politics, and economics surrounding Alaska pollock in the Bering Sea, detailing the development of the fishery, the various political machinations that have led to its current management, and, perhaps most important, its impending demise.  

taylor 1:00 pm: Sylvia Taylor
"The Fisher Queen"

The politics of selling fish, the basics of tying gear, near-death experiences, endless boat troubles, the emotional perils of sharing cramped quarters are all part of a steep and unforgiving learning curve. Taylor's story captures the reality of life on a fishboat and documents the end of an era, a time when the fishing industry wasn't yet marred by unchecked overfishing or hyper-regulation. Her lyrical, simple prose explores the tight-knit relationship of fishers with the west coast's wild, untamed waters.

don pepper - book cover3:00 pm: Don Pepper
"Fishing the Coast - A Life on the Water"

Fishing the Coast: A Life on the Water, finally addresses commercial fishing as seen through the eyes of a commercial fisherman. Pepper has been a skiff man, a beach man, a cook, an engineer, and later an economist working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. He's fished roe herring, sardines and salmon. Commercial fishing changed profoundly through the years Don Pepper was out on the water, but even today, it's still about the boats, the fish, and the skilled people searching for their catch.


Thursday, November 21

corey arnold - book cover11:00 am: Corey Arnold
"Fish-Work: The Bering Sea"

The photographs in “Fish-Work: The Bering Sea” capture moments from Arnold’s grueling retreats as a crew member aboard fishing boats in the Bering Sea. With scenes of boat life so vivid that some shots can induce fear or seasickness, the artist’s perspective also reveals the tender soulfulness of a fisherman’s extended life at sea. His skillful compositions depict the simultaneous bravery, toil, humor and gumption that “fish-work” demands.

mark maricich - book cover1:00 pm: Mark Maricich
"The Greenhorn's Guide to Alaska Fishing Jobs" 

Since 1992, "The Greenhorn's Guide to Alaska Fishing Jobs" has helped thousands of job seekers find fishing jobs in Alaska. In fact, many members of the Alaskan commercial fishing industry simply refer to the guide as "The Book" that people read when looking for fishing jobs. This greatly expanded version of "The Greenhorn's Guide", updated in 2013, further supports its place as the leading, step-by-step guide to employment in the Alaskan fisheries, which includes salmon, halibut, crab, cod, pollock, deck hand & processor jobs.


boone.jpg3:00 pm: Louis B. Boone, Jr.
"Wrangell Narrows at a Glance"

Wrangell Narrows at a Glance is a book written for anyone who has an interest in Wrangell Narrows. The book was created to ease safe passage for mariners while providing an abundance of information for the reader. In addition, it is designed for any person who enjoys the history of the beautiful state of Alaska, and this renowned waterway.

Friday, November 22

james cole - book cover10:30 am: James Cole
"Drawing on our History: The Fishing Vessels of the Pacific Northwest & Alaska"

Drawing on our History, Fishing Vessels of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska is a book that covers commercial fishing vessels from the carved cedar canoes built by the Native tribes of the Pacific Northwest of the U. S. and British Columbia and the Ikyaks (kayaks) of the Aleuts through all of the early and contemporary commercial vessel types including the most up to date freezer longliners launched and delivered in 2013.

david esson young - book cover

12:30 pm: David Esson Young
"The Uchuck Years"

Young’s gripping first-hand accounts of stormy passages through waters once known as the “Graveyard of the Pacific” are interspersed with his anecdotes about the colourful boss loggers and hermits who make this storm-tossed but incredibly scenic wilderness one of coastal BC’s most fascinating places. The Uchuck Years is transportation history par excellence, a great seafaring yarn, and an important history of one of BC’s most charismatic regions.