Tamsen Peeples

Tamsen Peeples


A life-long Alaskan, Tamsen fell in love with the ocean at a young age. Her childhood dream of becoming a marine biologist was fulfilled by graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz. While obtaining her bachelor's degree she spent hours underwater in the kelp forests of Monterey Bay, observing and studying the complex ecosystems that algae creates. 

After graduating she returned to Alaska, working various contracts with NOAA before working with Dr. Michael Stekoll at the University of Alaska Southeast conducting a seaweed mariuclture feasibility study for Blue Evolution. With the methods set she designed built and operated North America's largest commercial seaweed hatcheries for Blue Evolution, first in Juneau and then in Kodiak. 

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Mariculture in Alaska – Seaweed Farming 101

22 Nov 2019
1:45 pm - 2:30 pm
Main Stage
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