Fall 2022  •  Lumen Field Event Center  •  Seattle, WA


Nikki & Taylor Strout

Taylor Strout grew up fishing off the coast of Maine, went away to college in Colorado and realized very quickly his love of the ocean is not only what made him happy but where his upbringing could be best utilized. Shortly after returning home and jumping back on the deck of his father's lobster boat, he started hawspiping his way up to the wheelhouse. From tugs up and down the eastern seaboard to working offshore supply vessels out of the Gulf of Mexico, Taylor quickly earned his 100 ton Master and 1600 ton Mates license. After sitting for his license, he returned to Dutch Harbor and has been sailing as Mate on Global seas 150ft mid-water Trawler, the Northern Defender. During his maritime career, he has always stayed grounded to his roots and protecting the industry which has raised him…which is why he started Rugged Seas, a company that recycles old fishing bibs and rain gear into bags, backpacks, hats and other products, all while giving back to the fishing industry.

Nikki Strout became a nurse practitioner and was working while raising Taylor and Nikki's 3 boys while Taylor was shipped out. Rugged Seas has now become Nikki's full time job. Whether sourcing bibs, creating new products or working to raise awareness for the fishing lifestyle and what it means to be a fishing family running and owning Rugged Seas has become a passion and mission project. She now sits on the board of directors for the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association with the hopes to spread awareness and gain the respect and recognition fishermen deserve. 

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