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Chris Sannito

Chris Sannito is a Seafood Technology Specialist with Alaska Sea Grant (ASG) and Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). Sannito has over 25 years of experience in the Alaska seafood industry. In 1995 he earned a Master of Science degree in Food Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He is a Fulbright scholar and completed a research project on the post-harvest handling techniques of sashimi tuna from Fiji. In 2003, he founded the Kodiak Seafood Laboratory, Inc., which provides analytical and environmental services for Alaskan seafood processors. Sannito has been involved in numerous primary and value-added seafood processing ventures across Alaska with both large and small companies.

Sannito’s years of experience and expertise in the Alaska seafood industry, including Seafood processing, commercial fish smoking and environmental compliance, plays a significant role in his work ASG and Alaska MEP including seafood HACCP training, processing workshops, food production development assistance and beyond.

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