Fall 2022  •  Lumen Field Event Center  •  Seattle, WA

Agenda Session

U.S.C.G. Presents: Arctic Shield and the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Task Force

Nov 19 2021

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM EDT

Main Stage

Over the last three years Sector Anchorage has acted upon an initiative to prioritize awareness, outreach, education, and training as it pertains to the overall USCG Arctic Strategic Outlook known as Arctic Shield. Sector Anchorage developed the Marine Safety Task Force as an innovative solution to the many operational challenges within the unique area of responsibility. The multi-mission nature of this program required significant collaboration with different entities of the Coast Guard, stake holders, native communities, and civil air patrol. The $1.1M operation resulted in an increased number of commercial fishing vessel exams. During COVID, examiners were able to complete 450 exams beating their 2018 record. Overall, in the last three years over 1200 exams were completed, and Coast Guard Sector Anchorage still has work to be done as not all vessels that operate in the Arctic have received a commercial fishing vessel decal. In this presentation Coast Guard personnel with provide presentation of the great work that the men and women at Sector Anchorage have done to enhance safety in the areas such as Bristol Bay, Nak Nek, Kotzebue, Port Moller, etc. In addition, Coast Guard personnel will share with the public plans for FY22 and inform folks on how they can help to make this mission a success.


United States Coast Guard Sector Anchorage

- Chief of Inspections Division

Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Program, Sector Anchorage, U.S. Coast Guard

- Chief Petty Officer

Sector Anchorage Inspections Division, U.S. Coast Guard

- Lieutenant

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