Nov 17-19, 2022  •  Lumen Field Event Center  •  Seattle, WA

Agenda Session

Solutions to Ocean Warming and Acidification: What do you want to be “for”?

Nov 17 2022

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM EDT

The Helm (formally known as the Main Stage)

Alaska fishermen are experiencing changes in our fisheries due to ocean warming and acidification. The Gulf of Alaska cod fishery was mostly closed in 2020 when the population suddenly dropped as a result of an extreme marine heat wave. The Bering Sea crab fleet took a major cut in quota this year due to changing ocean conditions. Groundfish have moved farther north in warm, low-ice years. Salmon are of keen concern with warming and acidification. The future is uncertain. But the good news is there are ways to take action: we know steeply reducing carbon emissions is a central part of the solution – along with protecting natural habitats that sequester carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere, and removing carbon from the atmosphere. What policies and technologies are emerging to meet the challenge? Are they fishery friendly? How can the seafood industry be part of the solution? What do you want to be “for”? The first step is to get closer to where the action is. This session will be an overview of policies both underway and under discussion. Speakers will include policy specialists, NOAA scientists, and fishermen doing positive things.


Fishery Friendly Climate Action

- Shining Seas Fisheries Consulting & Coordinator

Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association

- Executive Director

F/V Woodstock

- Southeast Alaska Fisherman

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