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Exhibitor Move-in Bulletin

EXIBITOR PARKING RATE: Special 3-day parking passes with in/out privileges and overnight privileges valid Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be available for $45 – for exhibitors only.

Discount only applies to the purchase of a 3-day pass (regular 1-day parking rate is $20 with no in/out privileges).  Please note:  The garage will be closed at night from 12am to 6am with no access allowed to vehicles left overnight.

The 3-day passes will be available for purchase at the parking booth of the North Lot and Lumen Field Parking Garage. 

Exhibitors must purchase this pass on Tuesday to avoid traffic congestion on event days.

Please make sure to identify yourself as an exhibitor in order to secure this rate.

Targeted Move-in Schedule for 2023

Exhibiting companies must strictly adhere and move-in at their respective target day and time for their booth size as outlined in the following schedule:

Monday November 6         2:00 pm – 6:00 pm        Booths 400 sq. ft. & Larger & Boats

Tuesday November 7         8:00 am – 10:00 am     Booths 300 sq. ft. & Larger

                                          10:00 am – 12:00 pm    Booths 200 sq. ft. & Larger

                                          12:00 pm – 7:00 pm       All Booths

 All exhibits must be moved in and aisles must be clear by 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 7.   

Move-in Instructions:

Due to the unique union labor regulations at the Lumen Field, please be sure to thoroughly read the Move-In, Installing & Move-Out Your Exhibit’ document on the exhibitor resource center. This document will highlight hand carry items, parking in the East (Alaska) Hall, Personally Owned Vehicles and much more.

Exhibitor Service Desks

Exhibitor Services is located behind the 1500 aisle in the West Hall. The Exhibitor Service Desks will be open during move-in, show days and move-out. Exhibitor Services provide information and assistance on the following:

*Freeman                              *Air Freight/Shipping                                          *Audio *Visual/Computer

*Furniture/Carpeting             *Electrical/Plumbing                                          * Signs

*Labor                                    *Telecommunications (Internet/Phone)                        *Cleaning                

NOTE:  Lead Retrieval is in the Registration Area on the Concourse level.


Please note that Pacific Marine Expo has some unique union regulations pertaining to material handling and exhibit installation and dismantle. Please be sure to thoroughly read the Freeman Labor Regulations.

Show Management Office

During move-in and show days, Show Management may be reached at the Show Management Office located on the Concourse level, at the top of the set of stairs nearest the entrance to the parking garage. 


Children WILL NOT be allowed on the show floor during exhibitor move in and move out.   Children accompanied by an adult will be allowed on the show floor ONLY during official show hours.  Badges are required for anyone 5 years old and older.  Please make appropriate arrangements for your children.

Floor Covering Requirement

In accordance with building and show regulations, ALL booths must have floor covering. If you do not have your own or planned for floor covering, you may rent carpeting from Freeman at the Exhibitor Services Desk, located in the West hall behind the 1500 aisle.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only tape that is easily removed may be used to adhere floor covering/carpet to the venue floor.  Approved types of tape for usage include brands such as Gaffers, Echo, and Inertape. Please Note: Duct tape, Gorilla tape and clear packing tape are NOT allowed.  Any costs for the removal of tape residue from the floor of booths will be charged to the exhibiting company.

Empty Crate Removal

If you wish to have your empty crates and cartons stored by Freeman, they must be labeled with “Empty Crate” stickers, which can be obtained from the Freeman Service Desk, located behind the 1500 aisle in West Hall.  Please label your crates as soon as they are empty so that we can clean the exhibit floor and install the aisle carpeting. Items that are not labeled with an “Empty” crate sticker may be considered trash and discarded. Storage of empty crates is included in material handling (drayage) charges.


Never leave your booth unattended during show hours.  We recommend that you take portable or valuable equipment with you each evening when you leave the exhibit hall and bring it with you to the opening of the show each morning.

Aisle Selling

Exhibitors are permitted to conduct business only within their booth space. All selling and promotional activities must be contained within the exhibit area described in your Application for Exhibit Space.  Distribution of materials outside your exhibit booth space is strictly prohibited. No selling or distribution of printed matter or materials of any nature will be allowed in the aisles, other exhibitor booths, entrances or exits of the Exposition or other public areas.


For the protection of all Pacific Marine Expo exhibitors, only those companies whose Application for Exhibit Space has been received and approved by Show Management will be allowed to present and sell their products at Pacific Marine Expo. If you see a representative from a non-exhibiting company soliciting business on the show floor, please request a business card from that person and bring it to the Show Management Office on the concourse level.


To reserve exhibit space for 2024, please visit our sales team in the Sales Office.

Registration & Information Booth                               Concourse Level

Speaker Check-In                                                          Information Booth in Registration    

Show Management Office                                            Concourse Level (top of stairs nearest the entrance to the parking garage)

Press Registration/Check-In                                         Show Management Office, Concourse Level 

Sales Office/ Pubs Booth                                              Alaska Hall, Booth 1450

Main Stage                                                                    Alaska Hall, Booth 4100

Fisherman’s Arena                                                        Alaska Hall Booth 4300

Education Sessions                                                      Main Stage in Alaska Hall

Author & Artist’s Corner                                               Booth 1301

Natl. Fisherman Wheelhouse                                       Booth 150

Association/Exhibitor Meetings                                   West Plaza, Rooms 1D01 & 1D47 and Concourse Level, Conf. Rm 1, Conf. Rm 2 Behind 1500 Aisle

Maritime Ind. Economic Forecast Breakfast                West Club Lounge – Club Level, Level 3

Beer Garden-Cash Bar & Hosted Bars                          Alaska Hall, Booth 4200

First Aid                                                                         West Hall, Behind of 1500 aisle

Exhibitor Service Desks                                                 West Hall, behind the 1500 aisle

Charging Stations                                                         On Show Floor

Shuttles                                                                         West Hall, Front Entrance along Occidental

Concessions                                                                  East Wall Concession Area & Beer Garden


On show days, a complimentary shuttle bus service will run to and from Lumen Field Event Center – Fishermen’s Terminal and the Crowne Plaza, – Curbside on 6th Ave @ Seneca Street.  All buses will drop off and pick up on Occidental Ave S. at Lumen Field Event Center. Please see the Shuttle Schedule HERE.

For all Safety and Security information please click HERE.

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