November 21 – 23, 2019

Education Program Schedule

Thank you for a great 2018 event! The schedule below reflects the 2018 Education Program.

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Day 1
18 Nov 2018
Day 2
19 Nov 2018
Day 3
20 Nov 2018

Alaska Seafood Annual Value and Marketing Update

This session, led by McDowell Group and ASMI will highlight the current value of Alaska seafood in the global marketplace. Descriptive information on what the Alaska commercial fishing fleet harvests,...
Jeremy Woodrow
Garrett Evridge

Throw Me a Rope

Fall overboard events are often unwitnessed and when there are witnesses, rescue attempts fail more often than not. This workshop will start by showing NIOSH’s series of “Fishing Safety Success...
Samantha Case
Theodore Teske

Conversion or New Build? What’s in Your Wallet

Building a new vessel is the most efficient means of achieving the best fishing vessel. Converting an existing vessel is inexpensive and a quick approach to recouping the construction costs....
Stephen Gatz

Effectively Controlling Fugitive Lubrication Oil Mist Emissions In Watercraft Machine Rooms

All watercraft propulsion systems operate using highly flammable fuels, hydraulic oils and lubricants. Specifically, internal working parts (bearings, gears and pistons) of marine engines in machine room spaces require constant...
Jason Cox

Magnuson-Stevens Act — How Current Policies Impact Fishermen and Our Nation’s Seafood Supply

The nation’s federal fisheries policy is up for reauthorization, and Congressional leaders have put forth a suite of legislation to update our federal fisheries policy. America’s seafood industry is a...
Hannah Heimbuch
Bob Kehoe
Jason DeLaCruz

Purchasing Permits, a Q&A with Brokers

The process of obtaining a permit can be daunting. What is the current market for a permit? Which lenders should I talk to? How long does the process take? It...
Aaron Overland
Jamie O’Neil

Changes to the Marine Mammal Protection Act

Modifications need to be made to the Marine Mammal Act. This symposium will identify the major commercial fishing/subsistence users conflicts that exist with the over-abundance of marine mammals on the...
Daniel Kingsley
JP Ford

How to Finance a Boat

Are you a crew member looking to make the jump into running your own boat? Or perhaps you are already running your own boat and you are thinking of upgrading...
Don Pease
Brett Cheney
Lea Klingert

Ins and Outs of Inspection Processes

Inspection procedures ensure safety and health upon job sites at a federal and state level. This session will identify the means of complying, how to be prepared when OSHA/DOSH shows...
Jim Rone
Ed Delach

Ocean Acidification – lab research to fisheries, economic, and ecosystem forecasts

Ocean acidification is expected to impact Arctic and subarctic regions faster and more intensively than other parts of the world, and researchers are working to investigate how and when this...
Kristin Holsmann
Michael Dalton
Bob Foy
Andre Punt

Young Fishermen’s Development Act

The Young Fishermen’s Development Act will establish a national fund, to be administered by Alaska Sea Grant, to support training and education of the next generation of America’s commercial fishermen....

Bringing Big Data Analytics to the Fishing Industry

Data and analytics are proven metrics to help any business stay afloat. Whether data is provided for marketing purposes such as social media traffic and website tracking to providing leading...
Anna Soderstrom
Cosmo King
Fiona Bai

Featured Spotlight Session: Bristol Bay Means Business

Despite years of opposition and proven environmental threats, the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska is moving through permitting at an unprecedented pace and the Army Corps of Engineers...
Mat Jackson
Daisy Berg
Sarah O’Neal
Anna Boone

Fatigue Bites: Safety & Survival Factors in Marine Casualties

Commercial fishing vessel owner-operators spend multiple days at sea with their crew members. The majority of hours are spent working to maximize catch while sleep is not the priority. However,...
Jerry Dzugan
Aaron Barnett
Michael Lynch

Solutions for Protecting Fisheries from Disasters

Fishing is a unique and highly specialized business that makes it exceptionally challenging to prevent disasters from striking. However, fishery disaster assistance programs can create a more reliable, efficient and...
Noah Oppenheim

This is what will sink your vessel next season!

The provocative title of this presentation is intended to attract attention to the factors which contribute to vessel losses, offer reminders on the common-sense preventative actions, and promote discussion about...
John Myers

Sustainable Seafood via Technology

Sustainable fishing is achieved by empowering and supporting fishermen by implementing tools to make businesses more efficient and reducing negative ecological footprint. In the current day, technology is the key...
Mark Dahm
David Frulla

Proven Performance of Hybrid Insulation

Installing traditional insulation on marine structures is labor intensive and expensive, while insulation’s long-term performance is typically reduced or greatly compromised by wet working conditions or mechanical damage. This presentation...
Richard Stratton

The Alaska Mariculture Development Plan

Mariculture is defined as the enhancement, restoration, and farming of shellfish (marine invertebrates) and seaweeds (macroalgae). Finfish farming is prohibited in Alaska waters and therefore not a part of the...
Julie Decker
Sam Rabung
Bobbi Hudson
Heather McCarty

Alaska Symphony of Seafood Awards

Since 1994, the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation has conducted the Alaska Symphony of Seafood celebrating creative new products made from Alaska seafood. The goal of this event is to increase...

Bering Sea Strong: How Found Solid Ground on Open Ocean | Book Signing

Meet author, Laura Hartema, and grab a signed copy of her memoir, Bering Sea Strong: How Found Solid Ground on Open Ocean. Part adventure and part self-discovery, Laura’s true-life story...
Laura Hartema

Training Next Generation Fishermen

Eric Jordan is a life long Alaska salmon troller who started an experiential crew program in 2015. The program was so successful he asked the Alaska Longline Fisherman’s Association to...
Eric Jordan
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