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Larry Christensen

Larry Christensen

Fisherman - Bristol Bay


Started fishing around age 5, ran a boat at 13, bought one at 14, 43 experience filled years later, still making it happen and providing the world some of the best seafood available. Having lived through nearly every dangerous situation possible onboard a vessel at sea, I've learned many life and limb saving techniques. I've been certified by AMSEA as a Safety Drill Instructor, Red Cross certified, saved multiple lives, saved sinking vessels, Alaskan waters…"been there, done it" enough to know what it looks like. Currently, I am focused on Bristol Bay, serve on the BBRSDA board, and am passionately involved in advancing our quality and branding initiatives.      

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Fishing’s Most Dangerous — Don’t Be That Guy

17 Nov 2017
11:45 am - 12:30 pm
Main Stage
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