November 21 – 23, 2019

Kristin Holsmann

Kristin Holsmann

Fishery Research Biologist - NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center


Dr. Kirstin Holsman is a Fishery Research Biologist with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Alaska Fisheries Research Center in Seattle. Her research is focused on the development of quantitative methods for ecosystem-based fisheries management and methods to assess and manage for climate change impacts on Arctic fish and fishing communities. This includes multiple collaborations to develop and implement climate-specific stock assessment models for Alaska (USA) fish species, Integrated Ecosystem Assessments, bioenergetics and food-web models, and field studies of climate and fishery effects on marine ecosystems. She is co-lead investigator on the Alaska Climate Integrated Modeling Project (ACLIM), a multidisciplinary collaboration to project climate change impacts on Bering Sea fish and fishing communities, and evaluate the performance of alternative management strategies under future climate scenarios. She is a member of the international ICES/PICES Strategic Initiative on Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems (SICCME), Bering Sea lead of the NOAA Integrated Ecosystem Assessment program, and coordinator for the Bering Sea Fisheries Ecosystem Plan Climate Action module and is an active member of multiple national and international writing teams focused on understanding climate change impacts on marine ecosystems.

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