November 21 – 23, 2019

Jason DeLaCruz

Jason DeLaCruz

Vice-President Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders' Alliance; Founder, Gulf Wild; Founder, Wild Seafood Co.


Jason DeLaCruz is an avid spear fisherman that has spent most of his life on and in the waters of southwest Florida. Jason built and now owns a prominent commercial fishing business – Wild Seafood Co. – and recreational fishing dock in John’s Pass, Florida that he runs with his wife Vicky.    

Jason has a strong desire to effect sustainable improvements to the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. He is the Vice President of the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance – a strategic non-profit fishermen’s organization that is working to protect the Gulf’s fish and fishermen for today and for future generations. He is also the President and co-founder of Gulf Wild – the nation’s premier seafood traceability program that is built upon a series of conservation covenants and utilizes unique tags to track fish from the boat to the plate. Through the Shareholders’ Alliance, Jason is also actively involved in the Seafood Harvesters of America and the Fishing Communities Coalition – two national coalitions of commercial fishing organizations that promote sustainability, accountability, and strong science-based management.

Jason has been piloting a voluntary electronic video monitoring systems on his vessels for nearly a decade, has tested “weak hooks” as a means to reduce bycatch on his vessels, is currently an active participant in Congressman Charlie Crist’s Fisheries Advisory Council and is a member of three Advisory Panels of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council – Data Collection, Reef Fish, and Ad-Hoc Red Snapper IFQ.  And in 2016, Jason was honored by the White House as one of the first ever "Champions of Change for Sustainable Seafood."

Jason’s business acumen, depth of fishery management knowledge, and strong personal communication skills make him an effective leader in his community and nationally. He actively and continually engages with fishermen and stakeholders to promote sustainability and is proud of the strong and productive relationships he has fostered on the ground and on deck.

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