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Bruce Schactler

Bruce Schactler

Food Aid Director - Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute


Bruce Schactler, of Kodiak, has an extensive fisheries background in various parts of the state including Southeast and Kodiak salmon seine; Tanner crab in Kodiak and Togiak, longlining for cod and halibut, and has fished herring throughout the state for food, bait, and roe. Mr. Schactler has served as a board member of the United Fishermen of Alaska since 1993 and he received the 2013 UFA Fisherman of the Year award.  He co-authored the UFA Marketing Plan in 2001 which led to USDA Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for seafood, USDA Trade Adjustment Assistance eligibility for fishermen, and inclusion of Alaska salmon and herring in food aid programs.  He currently is the Director of the Food Aid Program with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and he is the Director for the National Seafood Marketing Coalition. In his capacity at ASMI, he has opened up new markets and secured over $300 million in sales of Alaska Seafood through national and international food aid programs.

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