November 16-18, 2017 | Seattle, WA

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Day 1
16 Nov 2017
Day 2
17 Nov 2017
Day 3
18 Nov 2017

Onboard Injuries Before and After

Injury prevention seems simple, but the strains of life at sea create perfect conditions for accidents. Crew dynamics, training, proper gear, and health and nutrition can improve safety preparedness and...

Breaking the Ice: the Future of Polar Waterways

New patterns in global and regional shipping and rising water temperatures increase the likelihood of introducing invasive species, which in turn threatens the region’s fishing communities. Get a skipper’s perspective...
Bob Parsons
John Faris

Boat Loans Just Got Easier — Construction Fund Changes

Capital Construction Fund regulations have changed very little — until now. On May 30, 2017, a final rule both simplified and clarified the CCF regulations and eliminated provisions that no...
Markos Scheer

Avoiding Litigation 101

Practical advice about maritime personal injury claims, including: How your company’s employment practices, internal policies, and accident and injury response can affect claims and your bottom line; common lawsuits from...
Markos Scheer
James McCurdy

Fortify Your Fishing Community

Is your fishing community built to provide tragic response support, advocate for industry needs and communicate with the public? Learn how to develop strong support systems to create and sustain...
Jody Pope
Taunette Dixon

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Annual Update

Where is your catch going? What is its value at home and abroad? How is the global economy creating challenges and opportunities for Alaska seafood? The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute...
Jeremy Woodrow
Andy Wink

Is Ocean Acidification Taking a Toll on Salmon?

Ocean acidification’s effect on fisheries is where the rubber meets the road for fishermen. What is the overall effect of excess carbon dioxide in Pacific Northwest and Alaska waters? How...
Brett Veerhusen
Amy Grondin

Fishing’s Most Dangerous — Don’t Be That Guy

Stability PFDs, when to say no, drifting without a lookout or while fatigued, and small skiff fishery hazards.
Dan Barr
Larry Christensen
Jerry Dzugan
Dan Hardin
Martin Teachout
Theodore Teske
Scott Wilwert

A Pipeline for the Maritime Workforce

As a large percentage of the maritime workforce approaches retirement age, the maritime sector is seeking ways to engage the workers of the next generation. A panel of professionals from...
Seth Muir

Myth vs. Reality: Modern Fishing Vessel Design

Boat owners and operators working Bering Sea fisheries have to manage a harsh environment, safety, sustainability. As the construction of large fishing vessels is reviving, some common problems include propulsion,...
Guido Perla
Jim Towers

Is Pebble Mine Back?

Efforts to protect the headwaters of North America’s largest and most valuable sockeye salmon fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska, are responding to renewed threats from Pebble Limited Partnership. President Trump’s...

Featured Session: Salvage vs. Wreck Removal: Seconds Count

In the salvage business, it’s our job to solve problems. Since every project is unique, there’s no standard solution; it takes experience, planning and creative thinking. Every second counts, and...
David DeVilbiss

Don’t Be Big Boat Road Kill

As waterways get more congested with commercial fishing boats, cruise ships, ferries and recreational vessels, the risk of collisions grows. This session focuses on how to avoid collisions between small...
Jerry Dzugan

The State of the Shipyard

American shipyards are reinvesting in facilities and infrastructure with more modern equipment, but they are still coming up short in staffing with skilled labor. How can we overcome the national...
Joshua Berger

New Products: Your Bottom Line is on the Line

Developing value-added products helps the seafood industry remain relevant to consumers, diversify markets, and utilize more of the resource (simultaneously reducing fish waste). However, developing new products is risky business....
Julie Decker

Building Your Dream from Idea to Launch

What are the stepping stones to launching a vessel? Learn how to finance, insure and design a boat. Understand the negotiating process for contracts and applications. Be prepared for delivery,...
Matthew Mullett
John McLaughlin

Changes to Coast Guard Safety Regulations

Get an update on the Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety program’s policy changes, safety initiatives, a review of proposed regulations, and how to provide feedback on the proposals.

No Bad Days: Safety and Success in Commercial Fishing

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health will provide critical updates in commercial fishing safety research, including vessel sinkings, hand injuries on factory trawlers and an overview of on-deck...
Samantha Case
David Sweet
Theodore Teske

Fisheries Get Ready for a Close-Up

The CamTrawl and bottom-moored echosounders are being tested to improve stock assessment efforts in the North Pacific. The CamTrawl is a trawl-mounted stereo camera designed to identify species and determine...
Christopher Wilson
Kresimir Williams
Noelle Yochum
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